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Watch this increasing NL West energy in activity this year with Arizona Diamondbacks tickets from Vivid Seats and revel in a thrilling night in the ballpark. Our full size service team will be on hand to supply any needed help as you browse the choice, which comprises exceptionally sought after Diamondbacks Opening Day tickets. The 2016 season opener will take place April 4 from the NL West rival Colorado Rockies at Chase Field at the onset of another exciting year of Diamondbacks baseball at Phoenix. In addition to the typical mixture of interleague foes that come through town, which this year includes dwelling clashes from the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, and Toronto Blue Jays, also make sure you procure Dbacks tickets to additional noteworthy competitions against teams such as the Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres.

How to Purchase Diamondbacks Tickets

Review this site for matches on the 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks schedule with tickets available. Pertinent details such as the game's expected start time, place, and competitor for every competition will be included in the list as info becomes available.

For home matches, our interactive Chase Field chairs map can help give you a great look in the ballpark's configuration and anticipated design for the competition. This is also the screen where you can search for your desired Diamondbacks tickets set up within the arena, or locate listings in a particular cost range by adjusting the corresponding filter. Be certain that you identify the amount of AZ Diamondbacks tickets required before clicking "Purchase" to progress to checkout.

Diamondbacks vs. Rockies
The Diamondbacks and the Rockies combined the MLB and have turned into a branch, famous for conventional forces, on its mind. Together with the Dodgers and Giants gaining a lot of the headlines at the branch, both of these teams quietly created one of the greatest rivalries in the NL. The competition really jumped off if the Diamondbacks and Rockies fulfilled to the 2007 NLCS. Since that time both teams are attempting to contact that elite level, and have generated some incredible games in the procedure.

Diamondbacks vs. Giants
By 1999 to 2012, the Diamondback and Giants united for 9 divisional championships and were actually the course of the NL West. Regardless of the Dodgers, Rockies, as well as Padres producing some excellent teams at that period of time, the Diamondbacks and Giants dominated the branch, also won 3 World Series titles between them. Though the Diamondbacks are a relative newcomer to the baseball world, they've quickly assembled among the greatest clubs in the west, and also this matchup has developed to a battle of titans.

Diamondbacks vs. Padres
The Diamondbacks and Padres have been divisional competitions since Arizona united as an expansion team in 1998. The matchup between both of these teams instantly became extreme as they both saw prolonged success from the ancient and mid-2000s. From 2001 to 2007 that the Diamondbacks and Padres united for 5 of 7 divisional names, and so were always among the greatest teams in baseball. This strength has lasted and this remains among the very passionate rivalries from the west.

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